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Top 10 Rank of Widely spoken Languages in the World

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Presently there are around 7.2 billion people living on this World speaking in around 7,102 known languages either as mother tongue or as native language, out of which the following languages are included in the list taking into consideration the fact of total number of speakers published by Ethnologue (a language reference) by SIL International in the 18th edition (2015) as having 50 million or more native speakers. Rank Language # 1 Chinese / Mandarin # 2 En

Rank of Indian Languages in top 100 most spoken Languages in the World

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After China, India is the second most populated country in the World. So, some regional languages of India has entered into the top 100 most widely spoken languages in the World (By number of native speakers). Here is the list showing rank of the Indian language in top hundred spoken language list in the World. Rank Language # 3 Hindi # 7 Bengali # 10 Punjabi # 15 Telugu # 19 Marathi # 20 Tamil # 21 Urdu # 26 Gujarati # 34 Malayalam # 37 Oriya / Odi

Top 10 Languages Spoken In India

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Before viewing the list of top ten languages spoken in India, lets have a quick look into some basic facts about the Indian Languages. Here it goes.... Quick Facts about Indian Languages Hindi is NOT the National Language of India The Constitution of India does not give any language the status of national language The Constitution India designates a bilingual approach for official language Hindi as well as English is the Official Language of Govt. of India Hindi is the most sopken language In

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