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Top 10 Rank of Widely spoken Languages in the World

Presently there are around 7.2 billion people living on this World speaking in around 7,102 known languages either as mother tongue or as native language, out of which the following languages are included in the list taking into consideration the fact of total number of speakers published by Ethnologue (a language reference) by SIL International in the 18th edition (2015) as having 50 million or more native speakers.

Rank Language
# 1 Chinese / Mandarin
# 2 English
# 3 Arabic
# 4 Spanish
# 5 Hindi
# 6 Russian
# 7 Portuguese
# 8 Bengali
# 9 French
# 10 Malaysian / Indonesian

From the study it is clear that Chinese (including different form / dialects) is the most widely spoken language in the world closely followed by Spanish and English. It is no wonder that Hindi comes next. It is the major language spoken in India, the second most populated country in the World. However, most widespread languages in the World includes English, Spanish and French because of the historical effects of colony.