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General Science for Upper Primary TET

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The Science part of TET includes question on Food (e.g. Sources of food, Components of food, Cleaning food), Materials of daily use, The World of the Living, Moving Things People and Ideas, How things work, Electric current and circuits, Magnets, Natural Phenomena & Natural Resources. There will be question on Pedagogical issues related to Science. Topics may include Nature & Structure of Sciences, Natural Aims & objectives of Science, Understanding & Appreciating Science, Approaches /

English Language for Primary & Upper Primary TET

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The test of English as Language-I or Language-II includes reading unseen passages (prose or drama, poem) with questions on comprehension, inference, grammar and verbal ability. The passage may be literary, scientific, narrative or discursive. There are questions on Pedagogy of Language Development - Learning and acquisition, Role of listening and speaking; function of language and how children use it as a tool, Critical perspective on the role of grammar in learning a language for commu

Social Studies for Upper Primary TET

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The Social Studies portion of TET is for the candidates opted to become teacher on Social Studies/Social Sciences. The broad topics from which questions are set in this paper includes - History, Geography and Social and Political Life. History : Earliest Societies, Cities, Empire, Contacts with Distant lands, Kings and Kingdoms, Sultans of Delhi, Famous Architecture, Regional Cultures, Revolt, Women and reform, etc. Geography : Geography as a social study and as a scienc

Environmental Science / Studies (EVS)

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The subject, Environmental Studies tests basic understanding of a candidate on environmental issues like Plants, Food, Shelter, Water, Travel, State specific Bird, Trees, Animals etc. The EVS subject also includes questions on social issues that are part of our environemnt like - Family and Friends, Relationships, Work and Play, etc. Apart from above mentioned topics there can be questions on pedagogical issues related to environmental studies (e.g. Concept and scope of EVS, Significance of E

Mathematics for Primary & Upper Primary TET

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The Mathematics subject for Teacher's Eligibility Test for Primary and upper Primary teacher recruitment examinations commonly includes questions on Geometry, Solids around Us, Number System, Weight & Measurement, Volume etc. for Primary TET. Whereas, Upper Primary TET includes areas like Numbers, Fractions, Algebra, Mensuration, Basic geometrical ideas (2-D), Data handling, etc. But note that there will be question on pedagogical issues in Mathematic part of TET exam. Like - Nature o

Child Development & Pedagogy

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Child development & pedagogy is one of the main important topics common for both Primary and Upper Primary Teachers Eligibility Test (TET) examination. If you are planning to compete in these exam you have to give importance to this subject. This subject is relatively new to common candidates who have not gone through some kind of teacher's training. Child Development & Pedagogy subject tests understanding of child pychology saptitude of a cadidate preparing for Central and State Tea

Teachers Eligibility Test : Syllabus & Exam Pattern

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If you aare preparing for CTET or any TET conducted by individual States, here is the pattern of examination and syllabus of subjects for you.  There are two types of TET conducted for selectiong Assistant Teachers in Primary Schools and Junior Secondary Schools. Lower Primary TET for recruiting teachers for Class I to IV (1 to 4). Similarly, Upper Primary TET examinations are conducted for selection of teachers for Class V to VIII (5 to 8). Question Type & Duration